Better  mental health in universities through Personal Development

At Trinity Wellbeing, we believe that the prevention for mental and emotional health issues in higher education lies in investing in student’s resilience and personal development.

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 Our Vision:  To see a global higher education system addressing mental and emotional health issues by embedding student resilience and personal development into the curriculum.

 Our Mission:  To go beyond mental health awareness and provide a youth-led empowerment, personal development and resilience programme for international students through advocating for self regulation education in universities. 


Student mental wellbeing in London. Trinity Wellbeing serves higher education institutions worldwide.

“ I envision a higher education system that does more than just to provide a degree, but one that equips self regulated and resilient graduates”

- Nomhle Shantel, Trinity Wellbeing Founder and Executive Director

 Improving  University Students’ Mental and emotional wellbeing

We are Trinity Wellbeing

A social enterprise registered in England and Wales introducing a youth-led empowerment and personal development programme for international students in higher education. We are dedicated to create social impact and contribute in combating mental health issues experienced by international students.

Our main focus:
  • Providing student resilience and self-development insight.
  • Enhancing student wellbeing in university.
  • Empowering international students.
  • Helping higher education bridge student's personal success and academic success through investing in their personal development. 

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Trinity Wellbeing, a youth-led empowerment, personal development and resilience programme for international students 

Our student wellbeing pillars:



Identifying and managing emotions, as well as overcoming emotions that may lead to mental and emotional instability.


Ability to mentally and emotionally cope with academic pressures, personal challenges and adapting to university life.



Creating a stronger connection to self through intrinsic self-development and intrinsic motivation.

Individual Sustainability

Ability to live a healthy lifestyle that includes a high level of awareness in regard to one's values, thoughts and behaviours.



“The pressure within the academic system to demonstrate quantifiable results, rather than turning out well-rounded, properly equipped graduates, is creating an anxious, ill-equipped and emotionally fragile generation of workers”

Anthony Seldon

University of Buckingham






Student mental wellbeing in London. Trinity Wellbeing puts students' mental health first.

 Why  We Are Taking Action

Putting University Students’ Mental Wellbeing First

  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in ages 10-24 and mental health issues are prevalent amongst university students, with more first year students than ever before reporting mental health issues at university.
  • One in four students suffer from mental health problems.
  • 75% of mental health problems are established by the age of 25






Personal Development

Information Sessions

At Trinity Wellbeing, we want to help students become the best versions of themselves while in their university journey. Our information sessions explore the importance of balancing both personal development and academics through:

  • Self Motivation
  • Self Knowledge 
  • Self Empowerment
  • Self Esteem 


Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence helps student's capacity for resilience, motivation and stress management which play a key role in student's mental and emotional wellbeing. Facilitated by our founder, topics in these workshops include: 

  • How self ignorance impacts mental health challenges
  • Self awareness and it's implication on emotional wellbeing 
  • Recognising and managing emotions 
  • Self Regulation




Speaking engagements/partnered events

Invite and collaborate with Trinity Wellbeing for speaking engagements with our founder for university events, mental health events, student empowerment or any event that you believe students could benefit from our services.


"In the life of an international student"


The challenge of adjusting to a different culture, education system, language barriers and being away from home have a huge impact on student's mental health. This masterclass is tailored specifically for international students creating a youthful environment and engagement about:

  • Homesickness
  • Adjusting to the education system
  • Social skills 
  • Addressing culture shock
  • Self development in a different country




Get Involved

The best way to ensure that the needs of students are met, is through collaboration between universities, students, governmental authorities and organisations. 

 Improve  Student Experience by Improving their Wellbeing!

Let’s work together to make a positive social impact, create a better and sustainable future for students and the world that they will be going into after their studies. Find out more about Trinity Wellbeing, by getting in touch.

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