Better  mental wellbeing in universities through resilience

At Trinity Wellbeing, we believe that the prevention for mental and emotional health issues in higher education lies in investing in student’s resilience and personal development.

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 Our Vision:  To see a global higher education system addressing mental and emotional health issues by embedding student resilience and personal development skills into the curriculum.

 Our Mission:  To go beyond mental health awareness and enforce student resilience and self development programmes that can be incorporated into the HE curriculum. Through facilitating self-regulation skills, we believe that consequently, we can improve mental and emotional wellbeing across the globe.


Student mental wellbeing in London. Trinity Wellbeing serves higher education institutions worldwide.

“ I envision a higher education system that does more than just provide a degree, but one that equips self regulated and resilient graduates”

- Nomhle Shantel, Trinity Wellbeing Founder and Executive Director

 Improving  University Students’ Mental and emotional wellbeing

We are Trinity Wellbeing

A community interest organisation registered in England and Wales introducing a new, holistic and value-system approach to mental and emotional wellbeing in higher education. We are dedicated to creating social impact and helping higher education improve its approach to students' mental health issues, by embedding student resilience, self regulation skills and personal development into the curriculum.

Our main focus:
  • Providing student resilience and self-development insight.
  • Enhancing student wellbeing in university.
  • Introduce the concept of "Individual Sustainability", so that students can contribute the sought-after sustainable world.
  • Helping higher education bridge student's personal success and academic success through investing in their emotional self regulation. 

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Trinity Wellbeing, Embedding Student Wellbeing and Resilience into the HE Curriculum

Our student wellbeing pillars:



Identifying and managing emotions, as well as overcoming emotions that may lead to mental and emotional instability.


Ability to mentally and emotionally cope with academic pressures, personal challenges and adapting to university life.



Creating a stronger connection to self through intrinsic self-development and intrinsic motivation.

Individual Sustainability

Ability to live a healthy lifestyle that includes a high level of awareness in regard to one's values, thoughts and behaviours.



 Introducing  Individual Sustainability and Student Resilience 

We believe that individual sustainability and student resilience can only be achieved by having higher education invest in students’ personal development, their personalities, their values, morals, behaviours and emotions. Since the main purpose of education is to educate individuals within society, to prepare and qualify them for work in the economy, as well as to integrate people in society and teach them values and morals of society, we believe it is time higher education invests in student resilience and personal development skills by having student's mental and emotion needs embedded into the curriculum.

As much as professional success and knowledge for career life is imperative for economic growth, we believe that personal success and knowledge about mental and emotional stability is imperative in preparing students for their future. We believe in a higher education curriculum that invests in student's personal development as much as it invests in their academic development. 






“The pressure within the academic system to demonstrate quantifiable results, rather than turning out well-rounded, properly equipped graduates, is creating an anxious, ill-equipped and emotionally fragile generation of workers”

Anthony Seldon

University of Buckingham



Student mental wellbeing in London. Trinity Wellbeing teaches students coping techniques


 Struggling  To Cope

Adjusting to university life and meeting high academic demands, can be stressful for students, international students and those balancing work and their studies at the same time. Unfortunately, not all students have the background knowledge to cope with university life or knowledge about organisational,  time management, resilience and self regulation skills which are of utmost importance in their university journey. We are dedicated to improving the way mental wellbeing programmes are run in higher education, by introducing student resilience and personal development programmes and embedding these programmes within the curriculum which will enhance student wellbeing and decrease mental issues in higher education.

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Our Approach:

  • Provide information about the importance of self-care, self-development and resilience in university.
  • Introduce the concept on individual sustainability and student resilience.
  • Promote holistic thinking and emotional intelligence.
  • Help students better manage their organisation, time management and assignment planning skills.
  • Encouraging students to balance their personal and academic success.





Student mental wellbeing in London. Trinity Wellbeing puts students' mental health first.

 Why  We Are Taking Action

Putting University Students’ Mental Wellbeing First

  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in ages 10-24 and mental health issues are prevalent amongst university students, with more first year students than ever before reporting mental health issues at university.
  • One in four students suffer from mental health problems.
  • One in four people in the world will be affected by mental disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.

We believe that mental health issues are a symptom of a greater cause which is the lack of resilience and self regulation skills within students. The best way to tackle and prevent these statistics in the future, is by embedding self-development and student resilience in the form of an elective module, orientation week program, interactive workshop and information sessions in the higher education curriculum that will outline the skills students will need for university life. The core reason why Trinity Wellbeing exists, is to be that module and programme needed by students to be well equipped for their university journey.



 What  We Do and  How  We Do It?


At Trinity Wellbeing, we want to help students become the best versions of themselves whilst in university. Developing your cognitive processes, habits and techniques for emotional regulation can enable you to be individually sustainable, and ultimately to achieve better mental health and wellbeing.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, succeed at school and achieve your career and personal goals. So, not only can it improve your mental and emotional wellbeing, but it is also fundamental to being successful and sustainable in your professional life.



Coping skills are a powerful way for all students to build resilience, self-awareness and self-regulatory skills as they face the stressors of university life.



Coping skills are a powerful way for all students to build resilience, self-awareness and self-regulatory skills as they face the stressors of university life.

We collaborate and work with U.K. universities, their student unions and student support departments, to deliver youth-lead, engaging and impactful information sessions for university students. We do this by running:

  • student resilience and personal development workshops
  • programmes and information sessions during induction for first years
  • university student wellbeing events

We are a “module in motion”, when universities need self-care and self-development information to prepare their students for their university journey, we are a contact away.

Our information sessions and workshops are facilitated by our founder Nomhle Shantel, these outline the importance of self-awareness, self-care, self-development and resilience as a mechanism to sustain student wellbeing and prevent mental health issues in university. Through story and experience sharing, creating a safe space for vulnerability, connection, youth-led sessions and student engagement, we empower students to create a compelling self-regulated vision. By focusing on essential university skills such as time management, organisational and social emotional skills, students develop the skills they need to become their best selves. In turn, they graduate with more than just a degree, but with practical knowledge about resilience and self regulation skills too, which will enable them to sustain their personal self in their careers.

The reason why we have included organisation and time management skills is because these skills are not taught in university, yet we believe these are crucial skills to helping students effectively cope with the demands of university. It is especially important for international students and students who balance work life and academics.






Student mental wellbeing in London. Trinity Wellbeing teaches resilience, self-regulation and other coping techniques

Our Framework and Areas of  Focus 

Our information sessions and programmes operate through a positive lens and focus on student self-care, resilience and emotional wellbeing, as essential elements for academic development and self-development optimized by a safe, supportive, youthful and engaging incorporation of wellbeing into the curriculum.

Areas of focus:

  • Self-regulation – ability for students to modify and control their behaviours, thoughts and emotions.
  • Resilience – empowering students to self-reflect and take responsibility for self-development.
  • Student Voice – freedom for students to express their thoughts about anything related to wellbeing in the education system.
  • Support – providing effort to assist students in accelerating their wellbeing and resilience, in order to succeed both personally and academically.
  • Contextual learning – understanding the importance of resilience, personal wellbeing, self-development and social emotional skills for young people especially while in university.



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The best way to ensure that the needs of students are met, is through collaboration between universities, students, governmental authorities and organisations. If you are an individual interested in improving student mental health, by contacting us, you can make a powerful social impact in higher education. Help us to improve university students’ mental health today!

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If you are a university representative, student, student union, or a member of an organisation, who cares about university students’ mental health and wellbeing, join our mission now. Let’s work together to make a positive social impact and create a better, sustainable future for students and the world that they will be going into after their studies. Find out more about Trinity Wellbeing, by getting in touch.

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