Combating mental health issues faced by international students through a youth-led empowerment programme and advocacy for a self regulation, emotional intelligence and resilience based higher education system.






Student mental wellbeing in London. Trinity Wellbeing helps higher education invest in students' wellbeing.

Why We  Exist 

Trinity Wellbeing is a U.K. registered community interest company, founded with the vision of providing a solution and a different approach to improving international students’ mental health and emotional wellbeing across the globe through an empowerment, self regulation, emotional intelligence and resilience programme led by international students for international students.  A Harvard study estimates that, the biggest predictor for success is self-control and emotional health. We want to give  international students the knowledge, support and tools they need to maintain good wellbeing.



 Sustainable  Student Mental Wellbeing

Trinity Wellbeing supports the SDGs through providing insight about the importance of self regulation and personal development in the higher education, promoting sustainable student mental wellbeing and quality education.

Trinity Wellbeing develop students' self-awareness, self-investment and self development. sdg's UN logo

Trinity Wellbeing develop students' self-awareness, self-investment and self development. sdg's 3  Trinity Wellbeing develop students' self-awareness, self-investment and self development. sdg's 4



Our Founder

Trinity Wellbeing helps develop students' self-awareness, self-investment and self development. Company Founder

Nomhle Shantel Shenxane Sandawana  |  Founder and Executive Director

Nomhle, who grew up in South Africa and moved to London, United Kingdom to further her studies, is now a social entrepreneur, Founder and Executive Director of Trinity Wellbeing, a U.K. registered community interest organisation supporting international students in higher education. Nomhle is a 23 year old, passionate about education, resilience, self-regulation, personal development, wellbeing and emotional intelligence. She has received professional training for her socially impactful roles as course representative, school representative, student mentor and student ambassador at the University of Westminster during her studies in BA(Hons) Business Management Entrepreneurship in London. She has also delivered talks to prospective students about her university experience, sharing tips about resilience as an international student. These roles have inspired Nomhle to venture into becoming a social entrepreneur and create social impact in higher education globally.

Being a voice for students and assessing some of the challenges her fellow peers faced during their studies, has propelled her to turn these experiences into a platform of advocacy for the wellbeing of international students in u. After observing the increasing student mental health crisis in universities, both in London and the rest of the world, she identified a gap in the way mental and emotional wellbeing measures were implemented in higher education. She believes there lies a great opportunity to improve student wellbeing in universities through investing in a self regulation, personal development, resilience and social emotional skills and emotional intelligence based education system to combat mental health challenges faced by students.

Nomhle is devoted to making students’ experience at university better, through sharing her story, experiences and being the leading facilitator for the Trinity Wellbeing programme, workshops and information sessions. As an international student, her priority was to maintain good mental wellbeing, she is dedicated to share some of her approaches and strategies that have made her university journey, a productive one both personally and professionally. With your support, Nomhle believes we can build a future in higher education that develops self regulated, well-equipped and resilient students for the world!

Looking forward to working with you in supporting international students and advocating for better student wellbeing in higher education!

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- Nomhle Shantel Shenxane Sandawana





Student mental wellbeing in London. Trinity Wellbeing teaches resilience, self-regulation and other coping techniques

Our Framework and Areas of  Focus 

Our empowerment programme operates through a positive lens and focus on international student's self-care, resilience and emotional wellbeing. We regard these as essential elements for both academic development and self-development optimized by a safe, supportive, youthful and engaging platform for support in universities.

Areas of focus:

  • Self-regulation – ability for students to modify and control their behaviours, thoughts and emotions.
  • Resilience – empowering students to self-reflect and take responsibility for self-development.
  • Student Voice – freedom for students to express their thoughts about anything related to wellbeing in the education system.
  • Support – providing effort to assist students in accelerating their wellbeing and resilience, in order to succeed both personally and academically.
  • Contextual learning – understanding the importance of resilience, personal wellbeing, self-development and social emotional skills for young people especially while in university.




 Where  We Work

Our services are available for any university or school that is interested to work with us. We are based in London, United Kingdom but our aspirations for supporting international student's wellbeing are global. Contact Trinity Wellbeing today to join our mission! 

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