Student mental wellbeing globally. Promoting mental and emotional wellbeing in higher education.

The Current Mental Health Crisis in Universities calls for  Action 

The urgent need to promote awareness of mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people is becoming recognised by leaders, educators, parents and professionals across the globe. We want to go beyond awareness and implement effective solutions. Our goal is to improve mental and emotional wellbeing across the globe and in turn, help to create sustainable students contributing to a sustainable world.

Lack of resilience, delaying to get help, or failing to deal with stress, can result in students falling into a negative spiral that makes the problem much worse. Our solution is to integrate student resilience and personal development in the education curriculum and system, so that students are better equipped for self regulation skills to look after their own mental wellbeing. Instead of waiting for students to come to us with the problem, we are reaching out to them with the solution before it becomes a bigger problem. 

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The  Importance  of Taking Action

Urgency to Act Now

Over the past ten years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of young people who choose to go to university and the number of first year students who report a mental health condition is higher than ever before. In turn, the time to make university students’ mental health and wellbeing a priority, is long overdue. University life can present numerous new challenges to students, from the demands of more challenging academic studies, to being away from home, as well as balancing jobs and managing finances. Often, stress can lead to a negative feedback loop, as many individuals turn to unhealthy coping strategies. So, introducing resilience and personal development for all students, from the outset of joining university, is essential.

Long-Term Solutions

It is estimated by the OECD that poor mental health and wellbeing costs the UK over £94 billion per year, due to treatment, social support costs and losses to the economy. We believe that integrating our solution into the higher education curriculum is essential to combat this crisis. Our programmes are designed to not only improve the mental health of university students at the time our programmes are introduced, but to equip students to maintain a high quality of resilience throughout their university journey.







Trinity Wellbeing promotes wellbeing for students by teaching healthy stress coping mechanisms.

Why We’re  Different 

Although there are capable student welfare services in place across most universities in the UK and globally focused on university students’ mental health, we cannot rely on all students to make use of these services when they need them. Some students might belittle a mental health problem they are suffering from, feel scared or ashamed to seek help, or attempt to cope on their own. In these cases, providing information about self-care and self-development is essential in preventing mental health issues. Universities cannot wait for students to come to their offices for help, students need programmes and information sessions (just as core modules) that will reach out to them.

Instead of waiting for the students, Trinity Wellbeing seeks to reach out to students and introduce healthy coping mechanisms, thought patterns and emotional regulation techniques. By promoting resilience, self-awareness, self-care and self-development, we believe students become equipped to healthily deal with stress, invest in their own mental and emotional wellbeing and to lead an individually sustainable lifestyle.

We are different! Instead of following the common trend of creating awareness about mental health, we are implementing solutions and dedicated to creating a social impact that challenges the current traditional education system to transform into investing in students as much as it seeks to invest in their career. For a student’s career to be a success, the student themselves as individuals need to be a success. We focus on and invest in students’ individual sustainability first, because we believe it is students who have the power to make the environment sustainable.

"In order to bring out sustainable students into the world, we need to invest in their personal sustainability. To be a sustainable world, the world needs self-sustained graduates."

– Nomhle Shantel Shenxane Sandawana 

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We  Need  You!

If improving mental and emotional wellbeing and the quality of education in university, is important to you, get in touch with us so we can make social impact together. Let’s create change in the higher education curriculum, to improve university students’ mental health, for a better and more sustainable student experience in university!

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