British universities are experiencing a surge in student anxiety, mental breakdowns and depression. There has been a sharp rise in students dropping out – of the 2015 intake, 26,000 left in their first year, an increase for the third year running – and an alarming number of suicides. In the 12 months ending July 2017, the rate of suicide for university students in England and Wales was 4.7 deaths per 100,000 students, which equates to 95 suicides or about one death every four days. (The Guardian, 2017)

Mental health awareness has become one of the most discussed topics lately. However, student mental health in universities needs to be considered and effective action needs to take place. We live in a time where students are pressurised to achieve excellent grades but their mental and emotional wellbeing is not made a priority. Students experience many external pressures such as homesickness, adjusting to a new country as an international student, balancing work life and university life, family challenges and financial strains. It is time for action to be implemented in universities to better tackle mental health issues amongst students before we lose more lives.